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SENSE4US Logo The SENSE4US project will provide tools enabling policy makers to find and select relevant information; link and homogenize the data; model policy in terms of constraints and intent; validate the policy; discover and incorporate views from NGOs and the public; predict the social impact of policy; provide decision support; and provide understandable visualization.

Making and implementing policy at any governmental level is a difficult task. Policy-makers and specialists must rely on readily available public information sources that rely on historic, rather than current data. Moreover, they lack the resources and methodology to be able to access current data and take the views of the citizens into consideration when forming policies. The project will cover this need for tools and techniques and will create a toolkit that will support information gathering, analyzing and policy modelling in real time. The package of utilities will be based on cutting-edge research

The ultimate objective of the project is to advance policy modeling and simulation, data analytics and social network discussion dynamics, providing economic and social benefits at all governmental levels across Europe.


SENSE4US has received EC research funding. European emblem