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SANY Logo The SANY project focused on the interoperability of in-situ sensors and sensor networks. The SANY architecture provides a quick and cost-efficient way to reuse data and services from otherwise incompatible sensor and data sources.

The SANY architecture builds upon the standard service oriented architecture for environmental sensor networks described by OGC and OSIRIS, and has contributed to the GMES infrastructure.

The project has demonstrated the sensor architecture in the diverse applications of air quality measurement, marine pollution and tunnelling risks.

IT Innovation worked on the creation of a Generic Fusion and Modelling Engine (GFMDS) based upon a service oriented architecture. Our main contribution has been in the creation of a spatial interpolation algorithm operating as a service and optimised for use in a maritime application and an application monitoring the geological effects of tunnelling activities. We have developed new services and data handling and conditioning processes to enable our GFME to be integrated into modelling and decision support services created by our project partners.


SANY received research funding from the EC’s Sixth Framework Programme.