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ProsocialLearn will establish a new market for digital games aiming at increasing social inclusion and academic performance. A ground-breaking digital gaming genre will be created that focuses on helping children to acquire prosocial skills necessary for positive relationships, team working, trustworthiness and emotional intelligence.

ProsocialLearn will deliver a series of disruptive innovations building on a game development and distribution platform for the production of prosocial games that engages children and stimulates technology transfer from traditional game industry to the education sector. ProsocialLearn will offer games developers scientifically proven prosocial game elements for development digital games. An application programming interface (API), ProsocialAPI, will allow developers to integrate functions into games including visual sensing, identification of prosocial signals from in-game actions, personalised adaptation of game elements, player profiles, game mechanics and expressive virtual characters, and support for data collection with protection of personal data.

SMEs from the traditional game industry will work together with serious games companies to produce a series of exciting digital games targeting European schools. Through a multi-disciplinary collaboration between industry, researchers, psychologists, pedagogists and teaching professionals, ProsocialLearn will address complex factors associated with child development and advanced ICT in school curricula.

Both short term and longitudinal studies will be conducted at schools across Europe to build scientific evidence of the benefits of prosocial gaming in different cultural settings and scales, and to explore business models and verify financial viability of the ProsocialLearn platform.

IT Innovation is focusing on applied human-centered computing in this project. We are responsible for implementing a model of prosocial users that will formalise and quantify prosocial characteristics and their relationship to prosocial behaviour defined through game mechanics. We are also architecting a platform for prosocial gaming and developing a prosocial game to be evaluated via empirical studies and by psychological experts.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644204. European emblem