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Presto4U Logo The long-term preservation of digital audiovisual media presents a range of complex technological, organisational, economic and rights-related issues, which have been the subject of intensive research over the past fifteen years at national, European and international levels. Although good solutions are emerging, and there is a large body of expertise at a few specialist centres, it is very difficult for the great majority of media owners to gain access to advanced audiovisual preservation technologies. Presto4U will focus research efforts onto useful technological solutions, raise awareness and improve the adoption of audiovisual preservation research results, both by service providers and media owners, and with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of smaller collections, private sector media owners and new stakeholders.

In the Presto4U project we are:

The resulting knowledge, tools and services to support the uptake of research, will be maintained by PrestoCentre, the European Competence Centre for audiovisual preservation.

Presto4U is one of our portfolio of projects in the area of digital preservation, archiving and access. A significant outcome from this ongoing work is a new company called Arkivum, which has been spun-out of IT Innovation to provide assured archiving services across a range of sectors.


Presto4U has received EC research funding. European emblem