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INFRARISK is a three-year EU funded FP7 project to develop a stress test framework to tackle the coupled impacts of natural hazards on interdependent infrastructure networks through:

The methodological core of the project is based on the establishment of an 'overarching methodology' to evaluate the risks associated with multiple infrastructure networks for various hazards with spatial and temporal correlation. Interdependency will be formalised and damage will be defined in terms of capacity decrements. This will be the basis for the development of stress tests for multi-risk scenarios and will define the general framework, providing a tool for decision making based on the outcome of the stress test.

IT Innovation has a leading role in the implementation strategy of the project. The main objective goal is to design and develop a strategic INFRARISK Decision Support Tool (IDST) to ensure that the INFRARISK stress tests and the harmonised risks management methodologies and analytics modules integrated and driven by a specific process workflow engine. The IDST platform will enable risk manager of natural hazards on critical infrastructure access and share data and information, implement multi-risk scenarios and evaluate the cost for full recovery and functional capacities of critical infrastructure.


INFRARISK has received EC research funding. European emblem