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The oceans cover two thirds of the globe's surface. The life they harbour is still largely unknown, and yet they are recipients to large economic activities. Further, coastal zones are home to a large number of the world’s population, performing a variety of activities such as fishing, tourism and energy explorations. These economic, social and cultural functions are dependent on the good health and continued conservation of the marine environment. Nevertheless, the effects of climate change on ocean ecosystems are leading to new migratory trends of many marine species, including seabirds. Also, it has become challenging for scientists to predict the new trends of species' movements and behaviours in the oceans. A comprehensive assessment of large Earth Observation (EO) data is required to understand these trends prior to modelling and validating them.

The main objective in the EO4wildlife project is to provide a large number of multidisciplinary scientists such as biologists, ecologists and ornithologists around the world with the tools to use EO data such as the European Sentinel Copernicus Earth Observation data and the ARGOS satellite data more heavily and efficiently in their studies of marine species behaviour in the oceans. In order to reach such an important objective, an open service platform and interoperable toolbox is being designed and implemented. The platform will offer high level services that can be accessed by scientists to perform their respective research and big data analytics.

Big Data research

EO4wildlife research specialises in the intelligent management of Big Data processing, advanced analytics and a Knowledge Base for wildlife migratory behaviour and trends forecast. The research will lead to the development of OGC compliant web-enabled open services which will leverage a Cloud based infrastructure with scalable analytics.

Visualization for sea turtle tracking

The platform front end will be easy-to-use, access and offer dedicated services that will enable researchers to process their geospatial environmental stimulations using Sentinel Earth Observation data which are combined with other observation sources. Specifically, the EO4wildlife platform will enable the integration of Sentinel data, ARGOS archive databases and real time thematic databank portals, including,,, and other Earth Observation and MetOcean databases; locally or remotely, and simultaneously.

IT Innovation's role

IT Innovation is responsible for the research and development work on advanced data mining, machine learning and high level data fusion, as well as reasoning for marine species’ niche modelling and migrating routes forecast.

IT Innovation will work closely with industrial partners for the development of the EO4wildlife platform’s big data fusion components and their integration into a Cloud infrastructure for spatial data applications.

Project fact sheet

The EO4wildlife project is a 36 month project funded by the EC H2020 framework programme.

Coordinator: Atos Spain SA.
Twitter: @EO4wildlife


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 687275. European emblem