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Edutain@Grid Logo Grid technology enables high-performance computing that until now has typically only been available to academia and large industry. Edutain@Grid developed middleware that gives other application developers access to this powerful technology without the need for Grid infrastructure management. Edutain@Grid addressed applications with very high interactivity and responsiveness. Success has been demonstrated through the development of pilot applications for massively multi-player interactive gaming and e-learning, which the project defines as examples of Real-time Online Interactive Applications (ROIAs).

Maritime search and rescue

Maritime search and rescue The gaming pilot application was based on an existing fast action game developed by project partner Darkworks. The e-learning pilot application was based on training applications developed by project partner BMT Cordah, in the field of maritime search and rescue.

Edutain@Grid established innovative tools, services and methodologies for efficient development of ROIAs to exploit technology that has previously been applied to big science.


Edutain@Grid received research funding from the EC’s Sixth Framework Programme.