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AmpliFIRE Logo AmpliFIRE is preparing the FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) Initiative for year 2020, strengthening the exploitation and impact creation capacities of FIRE facilities. It brings the concept of open innovation into the world of FIRE, involving beneficiaries across the board from infrastructure technologies to new modes of interaction, collaboration and empowerment.

FIRE capabilities include research and engineering experiment facilities, new user- and innovation-oriented instruments, platforms to attract business interest to FIRE, and collaboration and business models for partnering. By 2020, FIRE facilities shall be the backbone of European research and innovation ecosystems. AmpliFIRE proposes the capabilities, collaboration models and service offering portfolios to achieve that goal. Enhancing earlier actions and ensuring FIRE community support continuity, AmpliFIRE supports the FIRE community to identify exploitation opportunities, enhance impact creation approaches and strengthen effectiveness of the FIRE facility. Based on Key Performance Indicators, AmpliFIRE monitors the technical, operational and organizational conditions necessary to realise benefits, impact and sustainability of the Europe-wide Future Internet experiment facility.


AmpliFIRE has received EC research funding. European emblem