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About the IT Innovation Centre

The IT Innovation Centre is an applied research centre advancing a wide range of information technologies and their deployment in industry and commerce. Part of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, we are located on the Science Park, 3 miles from the main University Campus.

We research, develop, architect, engineer and integrate innovative IT systems. Applying new technologies from the research community to problems in industry and commerce, we deliver research reports, white papers, proofs-of-concept, demonstrators and novel operational systems.

In our wide-ranging project portfolio we are advancing the deployment of information technologies such as secure service-oriented systems; information discovery and decision support; archiving and retrieval; and their relationship to new business models, processes and values.

We work in many sectors, including the creative industries, environment, engineering and transport. We are application agnostic in our search for challenging new areas for innovation.

Our strong commitment to collaborative applied research and development guarantees that we maintain the high level of leading-edge practical knowledge which only comes from hands-on experience. We work in a spirit of partnership, ensuring effective transfer of knowledge.

Our substantial portfolio of collaborative projects, supported by EC and UK programmes, is complemented by professional services. These services include customer-specific and commercially confidential contract research and development, consultancy, technology due diligence, and support for early adoption.


IT Innovation Centre® is a Registered Trade Mark of the University of Southampton.